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A journey of Passion, Perseverance and Focus
GH Pack
Since 1999
A journey of Passion, Perseverance and Focus
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A journey of Passion, Perseverance and Focus
GH Pack
Since 1999
A journey of Passion, Perseverance and Focus
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Paper Packaging Materials Various papers for packaging box creation
Box Style Endless packaging box style design

From common straight tuck end box to intelligent packaging with complex structure, GH Pack offers numerous 

selection of new style boxes and also custom solutions to your needs. 

Packaging Solution
Turn your packaging design concept to reality

GH Pack is dedicated to providing one-stop service: 

offset and silkscreen printing, special printing effects, 

semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging glue, 

carton inserts and packaging handles for box. 

For over 20 years, GH Pack has become one of the experts in packaging box manufacturing business. We specialize in designing, printing and manufacturing a wide range of rigid box, luxury gift box, paper box, Kraft box, paper bag and corrugated box. In addition to the paper packaging, GH Pack provides plastic box, plastic sheet, thermoforming, etc. With years of experience and continuing investment in technology, we are proud to be your reliable box packaging supplier.

  • Order Tracking

    We have follow-up team dedicated to tracking your order from the start of production, until it’s delivered to you. You will not get lost on the road.

  • On-time Delivery

    We propose a production timeline and work hard to catch the date. 

  • Quality Assurance

    We have dedicated Quality Control System for the incoming materials, manufacturing process and finished products after completion. We make every effort to conform to customers’ specifications.

  • Superior Quality

    We implement high quality standards in the process of production and supply, and focus consistently on delivering the premium quality.  

  • Competitive Price

    As a manufacturer of custom packaging, buying directly from GH Pack cuts out the intermediary costs. The price we offer is competitive among other suppliers. 

  • Experienced Design Team

    Our structural design team has years of experience in packaging. We tailor make each box based on the product requirements and provide the appropriate solutions for packaging.  

Resource Check out Frequently Asked Questions, News, and our Design Gallery
How long does it take to complete the samples?
Generally speaking, it takes 1~2 days for plain sample and 5~7 days for printed sample after approval.
What quality management processes do you have in place to ensure consistency of quality?
We have dedicated Quality Control System throughout the supply and manufacturing process. Our skilled QC team inspect products based on the product specifications to ensure conformity.
What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
Our MOQ is 5,000pcs. All our products are custom made and we have MOQ requirement to cover the large costs of machinery and tooling. If your order is less than 5,000pcs, the unit cost is expected to b...
Under what circumstances will my price change?
Your price may be updated in the following circumstances,Relatively big changes in size More color(s) is addedMore special effect(s) is addedSpecialty material(s) is addedRelatively big changes in or...