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Basic Requirements of Paper Carton Packaging

Widely used in daily life, paper carton packaging is with characteristics of compressive and shockproof, suitable for printing, easy to form, light in weight, environmentally friendly and low cost. What are the basic requirements that paper box factory need to follow in the process of designing paper carton packaging in order to better play its protective role?

Usually paper carton packaging is used as a package for goods or as an outer layer of protection for articles. The volume of paper carton box changes due to the size of the product. It usually has "handle with care", "beware of moisture", "This side up", "Not to be stowed under other cargo", "Keep out of the direct son", "Keep dry", "quality safety", etc. The paper box factory packaging must pay attention to several major problems:

1. Appearance quality of paper carton packaging

(1) Printing quality

The pattern and handwriting are printed clearly, the chromaticity is consistent and vivid; the printing position error does not exceed 7mm for the large box, and the small one does not exceed 3mm.

(2) Sealing quality

There are no loopholes around the box and no unevenness and separation after the lids are closed.

2. Paperboard quality of paper carton packaging

As the raw material of paper carton box, the quality of cardboard is directly related to the pressure resistance and breaking resistance of paper carton packaging. The basic shape of cardboard is U-shaped and V-shaped. U-shaped fluting peaks are close to round and V-shaped fluting peaks are close to pointed:

(1) It is soft and elastic. As long as the deformation does not exceed the elastic range, the U-shape can quickly return to its original shape after being loosened;

(2) Due to slower wear, the original degree of the cardboard is the same;

(3) The U-shape is relatively smooth and the corrugating medium paper will not be cut.

However, Chinese regulations recommend that the shape of paper carton packaging cardboard is between U-shaped and V-shaped, called UV-shaped. Its elasticity and processing performance are better than V-shaped, and its flat crush resistance and materials consumed are better than U-shaped. UV-shaped cardboard has the advantages of U-shaped and V-shaped cardboard and is widely used.

3. Design requirements of paper carton packaging

It should be compact, well-protected, safe and reliable, easy to load and unload, and consistent with product specifications. Besides, it should be scientific, economical, firm and beautiful, light in weight, and good in structural performance. Its internal structure can prevent stamping and shock absorption, with protective functions for packaging items.

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