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Custom EVA Foma Inserts For Paper Box Packaging

EVA foam inserts are widely used in packaging industry due to their excellent performances and durability. They are soft and light weight, yet shockproof cushion to provide extra protection to the products. Besides, they have good water resistance and strong heat insulation. 

EVA insert come in a variety of colors and thickness. They can be custom made in any size, any shape according to the product needs.

EVA Insert

EVA Foam Insert Features and Advantages

1.Moisture-proof, waterproof, heat-resistant, oil-resistant

EVA foam is a typical closed-cell foam material, which has good fluid properties such as moisture resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, and oil resistance. These attributes are essential for the preservation and transportation of valuables. By using EVA foam material, you don't have to worry that the stored products will be affected by moisture and water.


2.Consistent buffer protection

As mentioned earlier, the density range of EVA foam is very wide, from 33 kg/m³ to about 280 kg/m³. They are suitable for packaging products of different weights using foams of different densities. Compared with hard and strong plastic materials, EVA foam pads generally have flexibility and cushioning properties.


3.Easily use various foam manufacturing processes

EVA foam can be manufactured through various manufacturing techniques, including custom steel die cutting. All these technologies are very helpful in realizing the foam packaging solutions required for customization.


4.Easy-to-use custom printing

When you consider custom printed foam packaging, EVA foam may be the right choice. Compared with cross-linked polyethylene foam or PU foam, EVA foam has a smooth surface, which is very suitable for customized printing requirements.


5.A variety of colors to choose from to better display the product

EVA foam material is a molded foam bag, which can be provided in a variety of colors. When you consider launching a new product, colored EVA foam inserts help provide an impressive professional product display. They can be made into 2 or more different colored foam insert boxes, which may be more eye-catching.


eva foam inserts

EVA Foam Insert VS EPE Foam Insert

EVA Foam Insert

High-density foam is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate, a polymer of olefin and vinyl acetate. The loading percentage of vinyl acetate sometimes varies from 10 to 400, with the rest being olefins.

EVA embedded color is usually light gray.


EPE Foam Insert

Medium density foam, the full name is Expanded Polyethylene Foam. The most popular box foam inserts are widely used in box packaging and cushioning materials. It is a molded semi-rigid, non-crosslinked and closed-cell polyethylene foam with almost unlimited applications, which can be attributed to the following characteristics: Non-abrasive.

EPE insert colors have white/black pigments (widely used in gift boxes), or customize any other colors.

custom eva foam inserts

eva foam tool inserts 


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