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Plastic Carry Handles for Box Packaging

Plastic handles are generally sturdy and can be used to handle heavier items. They are incorporated into packaging for comprehensive application, cardboard box handles, display carton handles, rigid box handles, etc. Plastic handles are available in a variety of different sizes, styles, colors and stiffness. Our custom handles can even have metallic color or embossed logo to further personalize your box.

plastic handles for cardboard boxes 

Why Use Plastic Handles for Boxes

Handles are essential for products manufactured for end-user retail applications. The packaging handle is designed to make life easier and more practical for customers, allowing customers to hold skateboard cartons, suitcases, popular display stands, retail packaging, firewood, hanging products, sporting goods, small household appliances, etc. All required parts are easy to carry. Use plastic handles to add products to different applications, whether it's retail consumers or distribution channels.


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