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Pulp Packaging Inserts For Paper Box Packaging

Molded pulp trays are strong yet soft so they can withstand forces. They contribute to the environment since they are manufactured 100% from recycled materials and can degrade after its usage. They are less expensive when compared to other materials. GH Pack, as a manufacturer, passes the cost saving on to our customers.

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Benefits of Pulp Insert

You might think that molded pulp is the packaging material for egg cartons or beverage trays. But in the past few years, it has become an increasingly popular choice for manufacturers and consumers. If you are considering using foam or plastic for conversion, molded pulp can provide countless benefits in terms of production and performance.

Benefits of Pulp Insert
Raw Materials

Pulp packaging is made of 100% post-industrial raw materials, and no chemicals are added during the pulping process. It is just water, sports and recycled corrugated paper or newsprint. No toxic or harmful substances are introduced or discharged into the environment during the manufacturing process of pulp insert, which is a very environmentally friendly process.

Water Consumption

No waste water is produced during the manufacturing process, all water either evaporates or is reused in the pulping process.

Reduce Waste

All waste materials are returned to the pulp, achieving zero waste. The final pulp packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Energy Use

Where feasible, open air drying will be used, accounting for about 70% of the time. The drying room is heated with post-industrial wood (sawdust/sawdust in furniture manufacturing). When drying in the open air is not possible, diesel oil is used in the dryer.


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