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Characteristics and Skills of Tea Box Packaging Design

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the grade of gifts is also improving, so the outer packaging of gifts is also very important. Tea is one of the common gifts. Tea box packaging design will generally be designed in combination with the characteristics of origin and local customs. When designing, the level and age of consumers should be determined. At the same time, the color matching should be harmonious, and it should be able to attract consumers' attention and purchase desire.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of tea box packaging design

1. It should be a product with strong national color or local folk civilization, so as to resonate with the civilization of the place of production and sales and promote the development of consumption.

2. Pay attention to people's feelings and wishes which is humanization. If auspicious patterns are applied to tea box printing, it fully reflects people's emotional pursuit of good omen.

3. Humble. To be implicit but not revealing. That is an internal beauty. For example, the elegant shapes and attractive colors of all kinds of tea are reproduced on the tea box printing like the high mountains, mist and emerald peaks of tea producing areas.

4. Focus on artistic conception. For example, show a long history of the product through the folk customs in Chinese calligraphy and painting, creating an artistic conception of tasting tea like enjoying famous paintings, and bringing people unique cultural enjoyment.

Ⅱ. Tea box packaging design skills

1. For tea box packaging design, the target customers should be carefully analyzed.

Due to different ages, education levels and incomes, consumers will have great differences in the values, life interests, aesthetic concepts and consumption patterns of tea consumption.

2. For tea box packaging design, pay attention to the charm of color

If the colors are matched properly, consumers will have a pleasant feeling after seeing them, which can attract consumers' attention. Therefore, the color should be used carefully. The colors should be concise and lively, fresh and elegant, gorgeous, or simple and natural. The customs and appreciation habits of consumers should be considered, and different colors should be used according to the grade, occasion, variety and characteristics of tea box printing.

3. Diversification of tea box packaging design

Different consumers have different aesthetics and value orientation. Therefore, the packaging should also cater to the wishes of consumers to develop various forms of packaging. Develop diversified and serialized tea box packaging from the aspects of text, pattern and color, material quality, appearance design, style modeling, so as to adapt to the highly competitive tea market. At the same time, new materials and products to attract consumers should also be developed.

4. Beauty is not an important standard for evaluating tea box packaging

Evaluate it from the perspective of marketing, not beauty. Marketing packaging design aims at sales, and will integrate all links such as customers seeing products, being moved by products and buying into marketing thinking. Packaging helps you sell your products and becomes your gold salesman and your largest free advertising media.

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