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Common Structures of Paper Box Designs for Packaging

In today's world with such a rich variety of packaging, carton packaging has relatively strong adaptability. In addition, paper-based materials are also environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled and should have good application prospects for a long time. Then the paper box designs for packaging should also receive attention for a long time in the future. Here is an introduction to the more common structure types in the design.

1. Cover type structure

The carton of this structure separates the box body and the cover structurally. Generally, two pieces of materials are used to design separately, and they can be put together and closed during use. This kind of carton structure is mostly used in clothing, food, shoes and hats.

2. Rocking-lid structure

The lid of the rocking-lid structure is connected with the box body, and only one side of the lid is fixed, and when it is used, it is closed and opened by shaking. The paper cigarette case is a typical structure of this kind. In this kind of the paper box designs for packaging, the cover is generally designed as a flat fold style without sides, which can be folded using a single piece of material, and there are many styles.

3. Open-window structure

An open-window structure is to open a window on the front of the box, and then seal the window with a transparent material. Through this window, you can see part of the contents of the box. The size and position of the window will be determined according to the characteristics of the goods in the box and the overall design. It is required to be beautiful and reasonably convenient for promotion.

4. Drawer type structure

A carton with a drawer-type structure is generally composed of two parts, a drawer, and a box body. The drawer part can be inserted into the box body, and the box body can be designed with only one side opening, or it can be designed with both sides opening. The carton of this structure is firmer and more convenient to use, and the matchbox is of this structure.

5. Portable structure

The paper box with a portable structure usually has a handle part on the box body, so it can be carried conveniently. The parts of the handle can be added separately or can be directly designed and formed by using the extended part of the box body.

In addition to the above structures, the structures that can be used in the paper box designs for packaging include display structure, closed structure, heterogeneous structure, etc. These structures are frequently used carton structures and each have their own characteristics.

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