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Common Types of Paper and Carton Packaging

Paper carton is very common and popular currently. It is widely used in the packaging of medicines, especially tablets. Its production method is to punch out the creases in the cardboard and cut out the unnecessary parts at the same time, and then fold the sides by machine or glue the sides together by hand.

Next, GANGHUA will introduce the common paper and carton packaging for you. There are the following types:

1. Barrel type paper carton 

The structure is very simple. The box is no top and bottom cover, folded into a cylindrical shape with unidirectional Fold. It is generally packaged outside chocolates and candies as paper box for sweets.

2. Inserted paper carton

It is the representative of the linear paper carton. Due to the different insertion directions at both ends, it is divided into direct insertion and reverse insertion.

①Direct insertion: The insertion structure (tongue) of the top cover and bottom cover of the box is on one side of the box surface.

②Reverse insertion: The insertion structure (tongue) of the top cover and the bottom cover of the box are on different sides of the box surface and the bottom of the box.

3. Adhesive paper carton

There is no insertion structure and the upper and the bottom are bonded together by an adhesive. This kind of paper and carton packaging is suitable for storing powdery and granular products. It is material-saving because it has no insert structure and almost no waste part.

4. Bottom lock paper carton

It is developed on the basis of the inserted paper carton, and the inserted bottom cover is changed to a locking structure. It is popular with the public because it eliminates the bonding process and can hold heavier products, such as cosmetics, wine, medicine and other vertical products. Compared with the inserted type of the same size and volume, it saves more materials without the bottom cover.

5. Disc-shaped paper carton

It has a disc-shaped structure. In fact, other than linear paper carton, most of the packaging are disc-shaped. It is very versatile, because food, cakes, groceries, textiles, garments and gifts can be packaged in this way. Its advantage is that no adhesive is generally required, and cuts can be added to the structure of the carton itself for bolting and locking, so that the box can be shaped and sealed.

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