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Commonly Used Packaging Design Skills for Gift Packaging Box Customization Manufacturers

Gift packaging box manufacturers specialize in designing packaging, and there has always been a unique design approach to the carton packaging. Any product can not leave the packaging and exist alone. It is not only the isolation effect of the packaging, but also the aesthetic decoration of the packaging. Many products have poor taste in packaging, which may directly affect the sales of the market, and also affect the economic benefits of businesses and manufacturers.

How to make the paper box packaging design more interesting is something we should work on, such as custom color, custom style, custom thickness and custom function. The packaging box manufacturers believe that it is enough to do a good job in the text design, color matching, tone coordination and shape elements of the gift packaging box, which can be expressed as follows:

1. Text design of paper box packaging

The text is the carrier of conveying thoughts, exchanging feelings and information, and is the symbol of expressing the content of a certain subject. The brand number, product name, explanatory text, advertising text and the manufacturer, company or distribution unit on the product packaging reflect the essential content of the carton packaging product. Paper box packaging design must take these words into consideration as part of the overall packaging design.

2. Color matching of paper box packaging

Colors should be paid attention to from the following points: one is the anaphoric relationship between color and paper box packaging; the other is the contrast relationship between color and color itself. These two points are the key to the use of color.

3. The color contrast relationship of paper box packaging

This is the easiest thing to perform in many carton packaging, but it is very difficult to grasp. 

4. The appearance elements of paper box packaging

The appearance element is the appearance of the display surface of the carton package, including the size and shape of the display surface. There are three forms that we see in daily life, namely natural forms, man-made forms and accidental forms. But when we study the form and composition of the product, we must find a form that is suitable for any nature, that is, extract the common regularity and call it an abstract form.

Among the four contents, the pattern design of the appearance design is very important. The distance from the product to the commodity lies in the value. When the value exists, it becomes the commodity.

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