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Difference Between Rigid Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, and Corrugated Boxes

The most common of options for product packaging are cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right product for your product, you need to understand the differences between them.

Cardboard boxes

cardboard box

Cardboard boxes: (cardboard boxes, folding cartons) are the most common types of cartons in retail stores.


1.Folded cartons are laid flat for transportation, reducing transportation costs

2.Usually production costs are much lower

3.Faster production


Rigid box

rigid box

Rigid box is stronger and will not fold or collapse like a folding carton. Used for high-end products where perceived value is important. Rigid boxes are also used when the products inside are heavy and require additional support.


1.The expensive molds used in folding carton manufacturing are usually not required

2.Higher perceived product value, expensive packaging boxes, consumers think the product quality is better

3.More sturdy and durable

4.There is usually no need to set up rigid boxes for product fulfillment


Corrugated Box

corrugated box

Corrugated cardboard box is the so-called brown cardboard box. Corrugated boxes are often called "shipping boxes". Corrugated fiberboard usually has three layers. However, we can also use corrugated boxes for custom printing to display branded boxes.

A wavy or grooved layer sandwiched between two outer flat layers. The groove layer is the strength of the paper product line.

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