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Distinctions between Paperboard Box and Corrugated Box

1. The brief description of paperboard box and corrugated box

Corrugated paperboard is a material made of soft and light brown paper and used for packaging. In contrast, paperboard box is a customized box mainly used for industrial packaging and documents. Many people think paperboard box is the same as corrugated box, because they look similar from the appearance, but there are still distinctions in details. Do you know what are the distinctions between paperboard box and corrugated box?

Corrugated Box

2. Specific distinctions between paperboard box and corrugated box

1) . Distinctions of material and structure

Paperboard box is made of a type of thick paper material called paperboard. Generally, paperboard is made up of the solid paper fiber with single thickness. Its a heavy paper that is made of wood, rags or grass.

The coponents of corrugated box standards contain three basic layers or linings, one of them is inner lining, and another one is outer lining, while the third one is the fluting between them. Corrugated paperboard is made of the arch (corrugated paper) of one-layer or multiple-layer brown papers. Such a corrugated paper sandwiched between solid fiber paper is called single wall, double wall or triple wall corrugated paper.

2) . Distinctions of use

In fact, paperboard box is barely used for heavy packaging. It's typically used for food box, cosmetics box and other small commodities that can be putted into paperboard boxes.

In most cases, corrugated box is used as containers or packages for large-sized commodities such as household appliances, retail display on the shelf, pizza boxes (packaging and delivering simultaneously), and even some retail packaged products.

 Paperboard Box

There are also some other differences, including the strength of every paper, the producing process and the use of fiber. Although the differences seem to be negligible at the first sight, it's easy to find them now. Paperboard box is a better choice for small-sized products, while corrugated box is a suitable material for containers.

 Paperboard Box

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