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How to Choose the Right Packaging from Various Paper Box Package Styles

As an external display form of commodities, paper box package can give commodities different value. Exquisite and beautiful paper box packaging can make commodities more meaningful and valuable, and it is easier to attract consumers. Paper box package is very common in life.

But in our impression, paper boxes are mostly square and very simple. In fact, there are many types of paper boxes, which makes our life rich and colorful. Now let's take a look at several common types of paper boxes.

1. Socket paper box packaging

Socket type paper box package is the most commonly used packaging form, which can be used in toothpaste boxes, medicine boxes, food boxes and so on. This type of paper box with this structure has the advantages of simple shape, simple process and low cost.

2. Handle box packaging

Handle box packaging is commonly used in gift box packaging, which is divided into covered and uncovered. The biggest feature of this type of paper box is that it is easy for users to carry. However, in the design and production, attention should be paid to the material, volume, commodity weight and handle type of the paper box, so as to ensure the comfort of users and avoid easy damage to the paper box during use.

3. Drawer paper box package

The shape of drawer type paper box package is similar to the shape of drawers. It is generally used in the production of gift boxes. It can bring users a different sense of experience and make goods more exquisite, which is very popular with consumers.

4. Up and bottom paper box package

Up and bottom paper box package is a box type with the separation of top and bottom. The cover of the paper box is the up and the bottom is the bottom, so it is called up and bottom cover. It is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift packaging boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes.

In addition to the above common paper box package, all kinds of special-shaped boxes on the market are also very hot. This paper box design pursues interest and specificity in modeling, which is conducive to attracting consumers' attention and enhancing their purchase desire. Although there are many types of paper boxes, if you want to use paper boxes to put protective coats on goods and make goods more valuable, it is not enough to have more beautiful styles. Paper boxes must be firm and durable.

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