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How to Deal with the Defective Products in Paper Box Production?

Paper box factory will inevitably produce defective products in the actual consumption process, and often the appearance of these products can reflect omissions and negligence in consumption management. If they cannot be solved well, the previous consumption will still show the opposite result. GANGHUA believes that it is necessary to change the management method to complete the central concept of lean consumption, so that the rate of defective products is reduced and the waste is increased to a lower level. Hence, how to deal with these defective products?

1. The paper box factory must not simplify the handling of defective products

The traditional method of disposing of defective products is that operators stop scrapping or rework them, but in this way, the symptoms will not be solved, and the defective products will still appear next time. Ordinary paper box factory with high requirements will stop analyzing on-site personnel one by one to find out the reason for the occurrence of defective products. Besides, they will take corrective measures for the reasons, stop filing and establish a complete record of occurrence of defective products. This will not only serve as a great warning, but also encourage operators to greatly reduce the rate of unqualified products.

2. The paper box factory should urgently deal with abnormal cases in consumption and bring them under control

In the process of paper box wholesale, if there is an abnormal situation, the subordinate guidance should trigger the emergency shut-down if necessary. At the same time, the paper box factory should call all the technical strength present to analyze the results and formulate practical preventive measures for that. The main purpose of emergency treatment is to ensure that any defective products are not missed at the consumption site and the hidden quality hazards in the consumption process are eliminated.

3. The paper box factory should complete the operator's 100% self-check

If defective products occur after consumption, the waste cannot be reduced to a lower level. Therefore, in the consumption process, the operator needs to stop self-inspection of his tasks. The responsibility of the inspection is not to detect the unqualified products, but to completely eliminate the substandard products  in the process of consumption.

4. The paper box factory should strictly follow the standardized operation system

Many experienced manufacturers can establish a standardized consumption system after years of accumulation of their own experience and the guidance of professionals. In the rigorous and standardized task process, you need quantify and standardize as much as possible to facilitate the control of the ineffective quality of consumption, so that the operator's work can be regularized and scheduled, so as to control the defective rate. It needs to be emphasized that strict implementation of standardized operations is the key to consumption.

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