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How to Do Cosmetic Box Packaging Design and Brand Planning?

Nowadays, women are becoming more and more interested in beauty, which means the cosmetics market is getting better and better. It looks easy but actually difficult, because there is too much competition right now. The bigger the market, the severer the competition is. So how can we stand out in this red sea market? First of all, we have to build our own brand, and secondly, we should build our own cosmetic box packaging design, which is very important. In consumption, women not only require beautiful appearance and temperament, but also care about the beauty of product packaging. Now let's talk about how to do cosmetic box packaging design and brand planning.

1. Cosmetic box design: target market positioning

We need to determine the consumer groups and target markets for our products, so as to find the right customers and better sell our products. The female consumer group can be divided into several levels. According to the age of the generation after 90s and 80s, most of the generation after 90s cannot afford expensive products. Therefore, we should not focus on too much young people in the market. In custom makeup packaging design, we also have to do something about beauty, because cosmetics reflect beauty.

2. Cosmetic box design: brand establishment

The cosmetics brand logo conveys the right message through the packaging, allowing consumers to better understand your company. Cosmetic box packaging design is an extension of the company's image. Consumers' perception of a company's product packaging always affects their perception of the company's identity. It is also common for companies to use multiple packaging designs for different product lines under the same brand, especially for those product lines that can diversify the products.

3. Cosmetic box design: product packaging

Most cosmetics are packed in with outer shells, but now many manufacturers add linings, that is, a lot of sponges and other pretty things are put in the product box in the box cosmetic box design. The lining not only makes the product look plump, but also protects it from accidental damage.

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