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How to Improve the Marketing Power of Products Through Carton Packaging?

How to increase the sales of goods through paper carton packaging? The carton packaging design must not only visually attract a specific consumer group, but also psychologically capture the excitement and desire of consumers.

Mr. Lando, the American industrial design master, believes that a good designer must be a shrewd psychologist. The paper box packaging design ideas should be consumer-centric, and try every means to stimulate and satisfy the psychological needs of consumers.

When consumers buy goods with paper carton packaging, the process of understanding the goods includes seven stages: attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, dependence, and action.

1. Attention stage for paper carton packaging

Consumers' first impression of the goods when they enter the store. Only carton packaging with bright patterns, prominent text, eye-catching colors and strong visual impact can attract consumers' attention in a short time.

2. Interest stage for paper carton packaging

Different consumers have different styles. For consumers who prefer different styles, we start to conceive from the aspects of color, shape, text, and patterns, and the carton packaging is designed to meet different consumers or literary or retro or wild styles. For example, high-end products with luxury carton packaging will be more attractive.

3. Association stage for paper carton packaging

Carton packaging with a sense of novelty, distinctiveness, and beauty can easily induce rich associations among consumers.

4. Desire stage for paper carton packaging

Attracting consumers through various means such as seeing, hearing, smelling, smelling, touching, etc., carton packaging, with its excellent quality, reasonable price, easy to use, beautiful shape, etc., touches the hearts of consumers and stimulates consumers' desire to buy.

5. Comparison stage for paper carton packaging

Show the shape, color, taste, performance, and method of use of the product to consumers, so that consumers can compare and choose. Consumers generally go through this stage before deciding whether to buy.

6. Dependence stage for paper carton packaging

Carton packaging strives to make consumers feel dependent on the product. The image of veteran and brand-name products, high-quality product marks, quality certification marks, and practical instructions can all enhance consumers' sense of dependence on products.

7. Action stage for paper carton packaging

After the above stages, the consumer decides to purchase the goods, so as to realize the purchase and consumption, and complete the consumption process.

Only by grasping the psychology of consumers, catering to consumers' preferences, satisfying consumers' needs, and stimulating and guiding consumers' emotions, can commodity sales and packaging stand out in the fierce business battle and win the ticket.

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