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Innovation of Paper Jewelry Box Printing Design

Innovation is a necessary condition for the progress of this society. To be able to survive the "survival of the fittest" conditions, both people and things must change with the impact of the environment. Take the packaging industry as an example. Designers design different paper jewelry boxes for customers with different needs every day. New designs require innovation, so the design of jewelry boxes will also form a certain trend.

As far as the good quality jewelry boxes on the market are concerned, most of them have uniform colors, exquisite workmanship, certain specifications and sizes, and the design style conforms to the cultural characteristics of the brand. Nowadays, the jewelry box packaging design must closely follow the theme of "environmental protection and innovation", which is also the trend of future jewelry packaging box design. The packaging design of jewellery will pay more attention to the rational use of resources and the recycling and degradation of materials, with the goal of sustainable creation.

1. Material use and joining method of paper jewelry box

First of all, once recycling and degradation are considered, natural materials must be good. Since ancient times, the infinite possibilities of bamboo, wood, paper and other materials have evolved in the hands of diligent and intelligent people, providing simple inspiration for packaging materials. Using these ancient materials and adding contemporary features to the jewelry box packaging design can also be helpful for the inheritance of traditional culture.

Of course, new environmentally friendly materials are also suitable for jewelry packaging. The use of such materials may be more prominent in the sense of the times and the sense of technology. In terms of joining methods, the effort-saving is to use harmless glue, and perhaps even more ingenious are the ancient techniques that are about to be lost. These purely physical connection methods are always amazed by the wisdom of the ancestors, and are more sophisticated than simple bonding, and are more helpful to show the quality of the paper jewelry box brand itself.

2. Cultural connotation and emotional experience of paper jewelry boxes

Well-known jewelers are always willing to associate the brand with history and culture to enhance the value and attractiveness of the brand. The cultural theme of jewelry can also be reflected in the packaging to achieve the purpose of unifying style, enhance the visual impression of the brand, and more thoroughly convey its cultural connotation. Natural jade and gold beads have the aura of nature, so when people buy, give or wear jewelry, they usually use this to convey the beautiful meaning of jewelry.

Innovative paper jewelry box design can help promote the expression of this beautiful friendship and retain the happiness in life. In TV dramas, there are always sections where the ring is hidden in the cake or ice cream when proposing marriage. Why not design a cake ring box as a metaphor for a marriage hidden in sweetness. The advertisements of fashion magazines always love to put natural gems back in the natural environment for shooting. Why not design the large jewelry box to be more natural? People may have more opportunities to experience the beauty of nature.

3. Sustainable expansion of the function of the paper jewelry box

Traditional jewelry packaging boxes are all in the shape of independent small boxes, which are usually formed at one time, and the pattern cannot be changed, which increases the difficulty of reuse. In order to increase its practicality and reusability, perhaps you can try a modular combined paper jewelry box, just like Lego building blocks, which are composed of basic modules. This kind of small box can exist independently, or it can be assembled into a larger jewelry box by consumers DIY, which is convenient to carry separately, and is convenient for centralized storage, and it also increases the fun of hands-on experience. In terms of details, it can also be carefully designed to solve some common problems. For example, the thin chain is easy to knot, and it can be made into a hanging structure or spirally divided to prevent the chain from entanglement.

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