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Custom Made Box Packaging for Sale

Paper based packaging is used widely in retail market because they protect the products  from damage, they are low-cost and eco-friendly, and they can be decorated easily for all the marketing needs. 

An online research conducted by IPSOS claims that 67% people are more likely to feel paper and carton packaging makes a product more attractive than other packaging materials, and similar proportions agree that paper carton packaging make products seem premium or high quality with competitive box packaging price.

Having a creative box packaging bulk with proper functionality and vivid printed pattern will aid in achieving success of brand enhancement. As one of the professional paper packaging boxes suppliers, GH Pack understands what our customers really need, work closely with customers and provide optimal custom packaging boxes with logo solutions.

Types Of Paper Packaging

How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Product

Choosing a high-quality and unique box package design conveys a message to customers that the product is of great quality as the same as the packaging and provides confidence to customers in purchasing. GH Pack produces custom paper packaging products in a huge selection, from paperboard, kraft to corrugated, from box, tube to bag, at wholesale discounts. To produce the superior quality paper packaging, we start with the finest, box-grade papers. The result is paper packaging with brighter color and higher impact strength.

How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Product

Paper Packaging Process

1.The raw material of wrapping paper is roll paper. Put the paper into the corrugator to make a single sheet (semi-finished paper).

2.Then, usually at this stage, the flexographic printing method is used to put the information required for the semi-finished paper into the printer to form the semi-finished paper 2.

3.The printed paper will be put into the embossing machine and slotting machine to form the finished carton.

4.Binding the finished carton board, and use the carton sealing machine to manufacture the finished carton packaging

5.Finally, the quality will be checked before delivery to the customer.


Benefits of Paper Packaging 

Biodegradable Materials

Paper containers are made from renewable resources. Like wood, raw materials can come from sustainably managed forests, are easy to recycle, and can be defined as biodegradable.

Multi Usage

The paper packaging can be reused. In addition, the improved paper bags can store dry food on the shelf, thereby protecting the food and the shelf.

Paper is More Attractive

Paper and cardboard are the obvious first choice for consumers to choose packaging-based products. For two-thirds of consumers, paper and cardboard packaging make products more attractive than other packaging materials.

Top solution

Paper packaging provides convenience and visibility for the brand. In addition, its advantages include that the product can easily display its unique packaging and graphics to tell the brand story, the product has excellent protection and the fact that it is easy to stack.

High Durability

The paper bag is environmentally friendly and strong. Especially cardboard boxes can handle heavy objects and stand upright. Progressive paper packaging can also keep the contents fresh. Paper can lock in spices and prevent pests at the same time. Therefore, it is an excellent substitute for well-sealed paper such as flour and spices.

Why Choose GH Paper Packaging

Unique Design
  • Various paper packaging materials and special effects screen printing available

  • Structure designed by our design team

Reliable Quality
  • Only use folding-box grade paper

  • Manufactured in our plant, sophisticated quality control system

Defect Free
  • Printed and glued by state-of-the-art machine

  • High standards in production process