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Points Worthy of Notice When Selecting Paper Box Packaging

The style of gift box packaging is more inclined to a natural, friendly, simple, healthy and environmental aesthetic. As a kind of gift packaging planning, it can not only be limited to circulation and display in shopping malls and shelves, but also be involved in people's social relations and daily details.

1. Consider product paper box packaging design

The characteristics of paper box packaging design are mainly reflected in practicability, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance. Its functions mainly include product shape, physical state, strength, structure, weight, value, danger, etc., which should be considered first in paper box packaging design.

2. Select function of paper box packaging on products

Paper box packaging should show the function of the product to facilitate transportation, storage and application. It can be reflected by packaging materials, structure, modeling and patterns. Aesthetics requires the combination of various factors to conduct a packaging product planning that conforms to the characteristics of the times, national characteristics and excellent aesthetic feeling. Now many better brand planning companies have a high aesthetic level, so it is not a big problem.

3. Consider the cost of product paper box packaging

Economy is the production cost after your brand packaging is planned. Generally, experienced planning companies will also take this problem into account. They will indicate the process and process function diagram. They will also check and adjust the products after proofing. The more the process is used and the more messy the planning is, the higher the cost will be. Achieving the maximum product effect at the least cost is the desired result of the brand. The unique packaging boxes design should be good at innovation without departing from the society and the times. In the general shape, innovation should be involved which means originality is also a very important point.

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