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Present Situation and Design Trend of Luxury Wine Box Packaging Design

Ⅰ. Present situation of packaging design of luxury wine box

In recent years, wine box packaging design shows three characteristics: simplification, luxury and phenomenalization. For luxury wine boxes, the pursuit is perfect modern simple style, atmospheric and elegant visual effect design style. If the next 5-10 years is fully considered, the necessity of the new consumers born in 1980s and 1990s will become more prominent. They have a concise, personalized and fashionable aesthetic view, which is likely to be reflected in the design of luxury wine boxes.

Ⅱ. Luxury wine box packaging design trend

1. Development for high-grade

If luxury wine is used as a gift, its wine box packaging design will also be high-grade. In the future, the competition in the wine market will be more and more fierce, so high-grade will also become one of the development trends of wine box design in the future. Luxury wine generally refers to the wine with high price, exquisite packaging and cultural taste.

2. Simplification trend

Simplicity is the general trend of design schemes in many industries in the future, including luxury wine gift box design. Concise luxury wine box design can better express commodity information. Simplification not only has certain provisions on the structure of the design scheme of the gift box, but also on the professional raw materials and decoration design of the gift box design.

3. Cultural trend

For wine, from brewing wine processing technology to wine box design, it is inseparable from brand history, time and wine culture. The key purpose of the wine scheme is to promote the market sales of wine commodities. Using wine culture as a creative element is only one of the wine box packaging design schemes.

4. Personalized trend

Personalization is one of the necessary conditions to distinguish peer brands. In contrast with other well-known brands, you must have your own well-known brand personalization, which is also one of the key standards to create your own brand awareness.

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