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Wholesale Tea Packaging Gift Box

Today, tea has become the daily consumption in most households around the world. Tea boxes come in a huge range of structure, designs and materials to accommodate a number of different forms of tea and techniques of tea processing that developed over the years. The flesh and delicious tea packed in beautiful box is preferred for gift giving.

Green Tea Box
Oolong Tea
Red Tea Box
Scented Tea Box
Tea Box

Customization Solutions China Tea Box

GH, a professional tea box supplier, provides high-end custom tea boxes at wholesale pricing, including red tea box, green tea box, scented tea box, tea set box, etc. A custom tea box packaging may include special printing effects with texture and veins, matte or glossy finishing, fabric handle, and pattern perforation. 

With numerous options of shapes, styles and printing we offer, your products can be displayed in packaging elegantly and thus to raise the public awareness.  

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