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Steps of Custom Paper Box Packaging Design

The purpose of customized gift packaging box is to solidify consumers' perspective on product experience, so that consumers can obtain product information from the gift box packaging and have a cognition of the brand. The gift box packaging can convey the individual characteristics of products. Therefore, customized gift packaging box is a good choice for many brands and enterprises to better sell products.

Customized gift box design is for better product selling and marketing. Customized design should be based on this basic appeal. Customized paper box packaging design is a scientific, rigorous, and prudent operation process, which requires comprehensive thinking and exploration. We should have a clear understanding of the brand and the positioning style of the product, so as to know what kind of concept and value the packaging should convey to consumers. So what are the steps of customized paper box packaging design? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

1. Gift box design: market research

When designing a gift box, it is necessary to know the psychological characteristics and demands of the consumer groups corresponding to the brand, so as to know what style of packaging consumers like, and to carry out the packaging design of the gift box comprehensively. We can obtain information through network channels, or observe the sales data of similar products to analyze consumers' preferences, so as to obtain the research results of gift box design.

2. Gift box design: packaging design

We should design a matching package based on consumer preference and product and brand style analysis. Exquisite and appropriate paper box packaging design is a favorable means to attract consumers' attention and achieve sales goals. The integration of the above factors provides the general direction of the design, so that we can add patterns to increase the artistic effect of the gift box and strengthen the overall effect. Then we can use the printing process to deepen and polish the patterns. Bronzing, UV, screen printing are the mainstream technology choices nowadays. We can predict the present effect of product packaging and the specific effect and communication benefit of putting on the market to judge whether the design scheme should be modified.

3. Gift box design: Try the finished product

After the completion of the gift box design, the finished product box will be used for trial. Through practical use, we can find out whether there are problems in the sample box and make timely corrections. Only after this step can the gift box be put into production line for mass production, so as to ensure product quality and avoid safety problems. The goods will not be damaged in transportation or other uncontrollable circumstances due to the poor quality of the gift box, causing unnecessary losses. Beautiful and exquisite customized gift box is not the purpose of the manufacturer. Whether the gift box can safely protect the product and stimulate consumers' purchasing desire is the real starting point of a gift box.

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