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Structural Design of Cosmetic Product Packaging Boxes

Cosmetics have gradually developed from ordinary daily chemical products to keep the skin clean and healthy into hot luxury goods in today's consumer market. Its huge profits have attracted many manufacturers and processors. To compete for the market and more customers, they continue to strengthen the publicity of their products. As the most direct way to communicate with customers, cosmetic product packaging plays a vital role in promoting and publicizing products.


1. Commonly used box structure for cosmetic product packaging


At present, cosmetic product packaging boxes on the market mainly use decoration design, special materials of paper and unique printing methods to improve the packaging quality of products. In terms of box structure, folding boxes with traditional structural shapes are mostly used, especially the front and back insert ones.


This kind of makeup box has a simple structure and is easy to form. The shape can be changed by changing the sealing method of the lid and the bottom of the box or opening a window on the box body.


2. Special-shaped makeup box design


This kind of cosmetic carton is mainly made some special changes based on the basic structure. Including the design of oblique line or oblique curve indentation at certain positions of the ordinary box, the use of the bendability of the cardboard to design the arch at the box body or its cover; the deformation design at the two corners of the box; the design of the makeup box into a non-rectangular box to construct a special-shaped box. The structure of these makeup boxes completely breaks through the traditional cosmetic product packaging style. With the fashionable and elegant decoration design, it has a stronger display impact.


3.The makeup box design of dividing wall type


The makeup boxes of dividing wall type are mainly used in the field of high-end cosmetics with glass products as packaging containers. It can better fix the contents through the partitioned structure, to play a certain buffering effect during transportation, loading and carrying, and effectively protect the inner products from damage due to external impact. Some partitioned makeup boxes can also be folded into single cardboard, thus effectively reducing the waste of partition paper.


In addition, the window structure of makeup boxes can also play a role in displaying the contents during the sales process. If the surface and interior of the box are matched with exquisite decoration design and displayed in the window after opening, the cosmetics can be better displayed. It is a cosmetic product packaging that integrates transportation and display functions.


Today, makeup box packaging is favored by users for its lightweight, high strength, good printability and recyclability. Cosmetic product packaging design also pays more and more attention to the personalized design of boxes. Designers should innovate their thinking, give full play to the variability of the box structure, and design more unique and shelf-effect makeup box packaging.

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