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The Best Way of Custom Box Design

1. The importance of custom box design

Unique design ways have always existed in the packaging of custom boxes design. Any good cannot exist alone without packaging more because of packaging's aesthetic and decorative function rather than its isolation function. Many commodities show a bad taste to consumers through their packaging, which affects their sales directly, and ultimately affects the economic benefits of businesses and manufactures.

The importance of custom box design

2. Main factors of custom box design

Main factors of custom box design

How to make the custom box design more tasteful is one of the things we should focus on in the design skills of appearance, such as the customized color, customized style, customized thickness, customized functions of gift packaging boxes, and to choose a trustworthy custom packaging supplier is also important. Specific factors are explained as following:

(1) Text design

Text is a symbol to convey ideas, share emotions and information and express certain topics. The contents on the custom boxes, such as brand numbers, item names, descriptions, advertising text and the manufactures, businesses or distribution units, reflect the essence of packaging. These texts must be considered as a part of the whole packaging when designing.

(2) Color skills

Following factors should be paid attention to when mastering color skills: the first one is the matching relation between color and packaging; the second one is the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key to the use of colors.

(3) The contrast  between colors

This is a point that is the easiest to show but difficult to grasp in many custom boxes designs.

(4) Form factor

Form factor is the appearance of commodity packaging, including the size, dimension and shape of the display face. There are three types of the forms in daily life, namely natural form, artificial form and sporadic form. However, when studying the form construction of products, we must find the abstract form that is suitable for any properties, which means to extract the things of common regularity.

Main factors of custom box design

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