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The Design Process of Cardboard Box

The carton design process now upgrades to exquisite, novel, and diversified forms. It inevitably leads the cardboard box factory to continue to innovate packaging technology. Therefore, paying attention to quality and pursuing aesthetics is the consensus of modern society. In particular, the development of corrugated cardboard cake box flexographic printing technology has rapidly improved the quality of carton decoration printing. The reasonable packaging design, beautifully printed, and colorful corrugated cardboard cake boxes presented to consumers have brought packaging to a new level.

In the next step, the craftsman should attribute the work that needs to be done to a process. In this step of work, the craftsman must consider factors such as the number of processes and standard working hours. The completion of the process summary design should be based on the small production cost, and the sequence of each process should be properly arranged in the production process to achieve the goal of economic production.

It is worth mentioning that the process design is not only the process design of a single product in the secondary cardboard box factory that has been produced but also the process design (compilation) of the current products of the enterprise. Specific process documents are required in some production auxiliary projects. For example, the pulping of the cardboard production line, the machines, and procedures of ordinary box-shaped boxes, the production process of bonding special-shaped boxes.

After the above work is completed, the craftsman must consider the equipment, materials, and methods required for the entire production process. Moreover, they need to translate the designer's design drawings into process documents that the production department can understand so that they can know the specific method to complete the work.

When designing a single product, designers and process personnel must work closely together to ensure that the product design produced can carefully consider the problems that may occur in the production process, thus achieving the goal of producing economical products in a simple way.

The process design needs a plan, and the rationality and practicability of this plan must be generally evaluated. Continuous simplification and improvement should be carried out after the evaluation or during the implementation process, which is also the long-term work of craftsmen.

After the product design is completed, three elements can be basically determined.

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