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The Meaning of Product Paper Packing Box

The product paper packing box is the consumer's visual experience of the product, the direct and main transmitter of product personality, and the direct expression of Corporation image positioning. Good box package design is one of the important means for companies to create profits. Accurate strategic positioning and box package design in line with consumer psychology can help companies stand out among many competing brands and enable the company to win a goodwill.

1. Product box package design can show the brand image

Box package design has the marketing effect of building brand awareness, that is, using package design to present brand information and establish brand identity, so that consumers know the brand name and brand attributes of the product, and then build brand image. In the structure of brand knowledge, product packaging is also regarded as one of the sources of brand image association.

It is understood that the brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the user and the product itself, and the personality image of the brand. The packaging visual design must be able to convey the brand message of the above four in order to constitute a complete brand image.

2. Good product box package design can attract consumers' attention

Nowadays, there is a rich supply of different commodities, to which consumers pay attention for a very short time. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the moment when consumers' eyes are swept across the shelf. Only packaging can make comprehensive use of colors, shapes, materials and other elements, and at the same time show the connotation and information of enterprises' products and brands, highlighting the common interests of products and consumers. In addition, it has a more intuitive impact on consumers, which in turn affects consumers' impressions of products and enterprises. Making products stand out on the shelves effectively achieves the purpose of attracting consumers. Package design of paper packing box must first show sales power and assume the main function of attracting consumers.

As the external manifestation of a brand, the product paper packing box reflects what the company wants its brand to convey to consumers. The difference it produces and the "brand characteristics" that it exhibits make it a dominant factor in attracting consumers. The material and spiritual benefits carried by the paper packaging box are what consumers buy. The brand represented by the packaging must be imprinted in customers' minds and fully demonstrate the connotation of the brand. If there is no connotation or it is not prominent and consumers hear and see the packaging without creating associations, the brand does not have the foundation of the establishment.

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