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Various Benefits of Carton Packaging

With the continuous development of society, people's consumption habits in all aspects are constantly improving. There are many different kinds of product packaging in the shopping malls, including plastic packaging, wooden packaging, and carton sleeve packaging. The carton sleeve packaging we see is mostly the use of cartons because carton sleeve packaging has various benefits.

Firstly, carton sleeve packaging can be recycled and save costs.

Secondly, carton sleeve packaging can be made into all kinds of styles, regardless of the size. There are large fruit boxes or small and exquisite jewelry boxes, you can see the carton everywhere. Many shopping malls, including clothing stores, also use paper packaging, because cartons can be reused and recycled, which is good for environmental protection.

The development of carton sleeve packaging and carton printing technology:

The printing process is important in the subsequent processing of corrugated cardboard cake boxes. For a long period of time, corrugated cardboard cake boxes have been widely used as the main form of a single transportation package, which also determines that its printing process stays at the simple line and text printing stage, and has not been developed rapidly.

However, with the continuous development of the packaging market, the single transportation function of cartons is gradually changing to the sales function, and the buying psychology and aesthetic concepts of carton manufacturers and consumers are also constantly changing. The continuous growth of export commodities has also forced domestic carton production to be integrated. On the one hand, the post-press processing requirements are getting higher and higher, and on the other hand, the environmentally friendly performance of the products is also required. Corrugated cardboard cake boxes are responsible for the dual tasks of merchandise transportation, namely, merchandise display, and promotion. Its colors are becoming more and more vivid and eye-catching, and pattern printing is becoming more and more exquisite. Only in this way can cartons attract more customers' interest. Therefore it requires corrugated cardboard cake boxes to meet strength while having excellent surface printing quality. Colorful printing has gradually become the development direction of carton printing in the future.

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