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Ways and Characteristics of Corrugated Box Making

1. The process of indirect printing corrugated boxes by offset printing

Single-sided corrugated paperboard (single sheet) + offset color printing paper (single sheet) is mounted and glued to form paperboard, die-cutting, slotting, and bonding nail box. This method is to use offset printing to print corrugated box paper, and then use a single machine for laminating and corrugating. It can print exquisite boxes and improve the printing quality of box products. 

At present, a considerable part of the high-end corrugated box for sale used for packaging in China are offset products.

2. Advantages of offset printing for corrugated boxes

The printing  products are very precise, and the number of screening lines can reach 200 lines/inch. Easy plate making and PS plate for conventional plate making are equipped. Moreover, it can carry out surface finishing, such as lamination, glazing, and printing quality is relatively stable.

3. Disadvantages of offset printing for corrugated boxes

It is not suitable for the use of cardboard linkage production lines and is only suitable for the use of a single-sided corrugator. It also has low consumption efficiency, and the consumption process is complex and the consumption cycle is long. Moreover, paperboard boxes have low strength, high scrap rate, and high consumption cost. It also has a large consumption space and high labor intensity. With limited printing format and inflexible delivery time, etc.

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