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What Are the Benefits of Custom Tea Box Packaging?

Tea culture has a long history. Tea not only has the effect of calming the mind and heart, but also has the benefits of strengthening the body and prolonging life. Tea is deeply popular for the Chinese people. Every tea manufacturer knows that the outer packaging of tea is very important. A good tea bag gift box can not only increase the sales of tea, but also promote it. It can increase the brand power of the manufacturer and improve the exposure rate. Now GANGHUA PACKAGE will tell you, what are the benefits of custom tea box packaging?

1. The window design of the tea bag gift box

The window design of the tea bag gift box allows tea lovers to clearly see the quality of the tea before buying. They don't need to open the tea box to check what's inside. However, the custom tea box packaging window design can be set anywhere on these boxes, such as the left, right and top of the box, so that potential buyers can get a complete viewing port.

2. Quality assurance of the tea bag gift box

Tea leaves packaged in high-quality tea boxes usually keep fresh for a long time. This is the extra benefit that the tea box brings to the tea product, making it more attractive. Everyone likes fresh, delicious tea. However, the materials used to produce these tea bag gift boxes can be obtained in different thickness ranges according to your budget. But be sure to choose durable and high-quality packing paper materials to make tea boxes to increase your brand awareness.

3. Customize the packaging of the unique tea bag gift box

Many tea boxes on the market today are not innovative enough, and some manufacturers try to save trouble and directly purchase tea box stocks online, which makes consumers feel visual fatigue when they choose. No matter what the product, especially the tea bag gift box, you must work hard on the packaging. The article mentioned the importance of customized tea box packaging. If you want to go long-term, branding is a must.

GANGHUA PACKAGE specializes in designing, printing and manufacturing all kinds of tea bags, gift boxes, hard boxes, paper bags, corrugated boxes, etc. In addition to paper packaging, PET, PP, PVC cartons, pipes and sheets are also available. With years of experience and leading technology, we are confident to become your reliable packaging manufacturer. The factory is located in Yiwu city, China, close to the commodity trading center in Shanghai, covering an area of up to 15,000 square meters. And we has more than 100 employees. We have established an effective infrastructure and management system required for packaging, as well as an experienced professional engineering and technical team, which reflects our mission to respond to the growing challenges of the market and our own growing needs.

We have a continuous investment strategy, the goal is to reduce production costs, while improving product quality and production capacity. The production lines of Heidelberg's 8-color offset printing machine, screen printing machine, hot stamping machine, and hard box automatic gluing machine have all been automated. The manufacturing process can reduce variance. We have obtained ISO9001 certification and work hard in all social compliance audits of our customers.

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