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What Are the Design Ideas for Perfume Packaging Boxes?

With the development of the economy, international exchanges are becoming more and more extensive, perfume is becoming more and more popular in the world, and there are more and more perfume sellers. As a product to enhance the taste, in addition to the fragrance, the customization of its bottle body and perfume packaging box is also a part of reflecting taste, which is very different from that of other products. Perfume makers have taken notice, investing heavily in perfume packaging. So next, GANGHUA will talk about how to design high-end perfume packaging boxes.

1. The design of perfume packaging boxes needs to consider the fragrance of the perfume

First of all, the fragrance of perfume should be considered. Generally, the packaging should be consistent with the fragrance. For example, if it is a rose fragrance, then the packaging will basically be in rose color, so that the packaging and the fragrance will have the same effect, and people will recognize this product more.

2. The design of perfume packaging boxes needs to consider the shape and size of the perfume bottle

Generally, the ordinary perfume packaging box is a cube or a cuboid, but based on the goal of helping businesses increase sales, the packaging factory's custom packaging boxes will have different shapes, such as packaging boxes that fit the bottle body, which will make the perfume more prominent. In this way, people will be reluctant to throw away the box after buying the perfume, so that relatives and friends who come can also see it and achieve the effect of secondary publicity.

Some packaging factories also have contrasting designs, such as round packaging of box of perfume, which forms a big contrast with the square bottle body inside. In terms of the color and pattern of the box, we pay more attention to the brand story, which will show the brand culture more.

3. The inner design of perfume packaging boxes

Different from the packaging box of other products, we will also pay attention to the inside design of the perfume packaging box. Generally, the inside of packaging box of skin care product is ordinary white cardboard, which only plays a protective role to prevent the bottle from breaking. But in terms of inside design of perfume packaging box, we will design a heart-wrenching story to make the perfume more tender and attractive. Because perfume is not a fast consumable, it basically lasts for a long time in a small bottle. In fact, perfume can be regarded as a civilian luxury, so we should pay more attention to details, so that every detail can reveal its high-end property, revealing its difference. Only uniqueness can improve the probability that the perfume will be taken home by consumers. Therefore, the way to sell perfume is to customize the perfume packaging box and design a unique and tasteful packaging box.

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