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What Are the Directions of the Cosmetic Box Design?

Cosmetic box design has always been a topic of discussion among box suppliers. With the development of the current society and the increase in product types, packaging is also emerging rapidly. Today's packaging box not only lies in its practicality but also needs to be able to perfectly set off the product. And suppliers are trying to improve the added value of products through packaging as much as possible. As a professional makeup box manufacturer, GANGHUA always focuses on cosmetic box printing and cosmetic box design and makes corresponding changes to catch up with the trend. Now, GANGHUA will introduce the current directions of the cosmetic box design.

1. Display effect of the cosmetic box design

A makeup box packaged with transparent materials to see the inside stuff is increasingly favored by consumers. Although this effect can be achieved through cardboard openings, many brand marketers tend to achieve this goal through a combination of packaging, in which a plastic window is embedded in a cardboard structure. Cardboard and plastic will have a very effective combination in the future.

2. Material selection of the cosmetic box design

Textured cosmetic box material has become very popular in packaging. The texture is often produced by embossing patterns on a whole sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it has a special sense of touch that is different from standard or smooth cardboard. Although there are more stain or matt materials, most customers still prefer a matte effect combined with textured materials.

3. Printing process selection of the cosmetic box design

The main purpose of the packaging box is to display, that's why we need to add some unique printing processes on its surface. For example, add the logo and company name or slogan on the packaging with the process of bronzing and silver bronze. Such a process will increase the overall three-dimensional effect of the box, and make the cosmetic box design more colorful and easier to attract consumers' attention. Or adding printing processes such as protruding and embossing will make your makeup box full of three-dimensionality. Therefore, adding different printing processes to suitable product packaging boxes will have different effects. However, you should choose a suitable process for the makeup box.

The pace of life is fast, and the cosmetic box design will be updated very quickly. Maybe the popular packaging will be slowly forgotten by people. The cosmetic box design is about innovation. Our goal is to make customers satisfied and assured. We provide customers with 24/7 customer support, and our professional sales team will meet all your needs. We will pay close attention to your order and keep up to date with the latest message.

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