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What Are the Three Important Factors when Producing a Custom Tea Box Packaging?

Tea packaging box refers to the packaging of tea according to customer needs to promote the sales of tea products. A good tea box packaging can increase the value of tea several times, and custom tea box packaging has become an important product component in the tea industry. The packaging design of tea and tea products refers to the selection of appropriate packaging materials, the use of ingenious craftsmanship, the structural modeling of container and the beautifying decoration design of the packaging for the packaged goods. The packaging design of tea and tea products plays an extremely important role in production, circulation, sales and consumption fields, which has a great influence on tea brand and sales.

The main purpose of custom tea box packaging is to ensure the quality, so that the finished product is as close to the design renderings as possible. Strict control of product quality requires attention on every detail to ensure that every link has a 99.9% compliance rate. I will share with you below what are the "three important issues" in the production process of custom tea box packaging. The so-called three important issues are "pre-print proofing, pre-production proofing, and bulk sampling".

1. The pre-print proofing of custom tea box packaging

After the packaging design of tea box is finalized, it is necessary to print a sample of the tea packaging box according to the graphic size, so as to see the effect of the entire box more intuitively, whether the inner support is suitable, and whether the box structure needs to be optimized. Through pre-print proofing, problems can be found in time, and plans can be adjusted to avoid more losses in the later stage.

2. The pre-production proofing of custom tea box packaging

After the lamination process is done, and the industrial plate is slotted, adjust the machine and make several boxes separately to see if the size is accurate and whether the inner tray is suitable after being placed, which ensures that risks can be avoided in time before mass production so as to improve the quality of tea box products.

3. The bulk sampling of custom tea box packaging

After the custom tea box packaging is completed, through sampling inspection, see if there are boxes with uneven panels and inaccurate positions, and whether there are quality problems. If any unqualified packaging boxes are found, shipment is prohibited.

GANGHUA provides high-end custom tea boxes at wholesale prices, including black tea boxes, green tea boxes, flower tea boxes, tea sets, etc. Custom tea box packaging may include textured special printed effects, matte or glossy finishes, fabric treatments and patterned perforations. With a wide range of shapes, styles and printing options, your products can be elegantly packaged and displayed to increase public awareness.

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