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What Aspects Should Be Considered when Customizing Clothing Packaging Boxes?

Our lives are inseparable from clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. The role of clothing is to keep out the cold, cover up and decorate, and its importance is self-evident. As a container for packaging clothing, the clothing packaging boxes have good hardness, airtightness and decoration. The packaging structures commonly used for clothing packaging boxes include heaven and earth lid boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes, clamshell boxes, and so on. High-end clothing packaging boxes are favored by major clothing brands due to their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. So, what aspects should be considered when customizing a garment box? Let GANGHUA PACKAGE tell you.

1. The material choice of custom clothing boxes

Whether it is clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes or gift boxes, the choice of packaging materials is always the top priority. The characteristics and performance of packaging boxes of different materials are different, which will directly affect the overall effect of the packaging box after it is formed. Low-end clothing packaging boxes are usually made of corrugated paper. Corrugated paper has low cost, light weight, and high strength, but the grade is relatively low; mid-to-high-end clothing packaging boxes usually use gray board mounted copperplate paper, cardboard, kraft paper, and special paper, etc. Packaging boxes made of paper-like paper are usually more beautiful and have a wider range of craftsmanship options.

2. The style design of custom clothing boxes 

Clothing is also divided into men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, and middle-aged and elderly clothing. Therefore, customized clothing boxes should also change their design styles according to different consumer groups. For example, the box designs for packaging of women's clothing tends to be softer, using warm colors such as orange and pink, while the design of men's clothing tends to be more rigid, mostly using cool colors such as black and gray.

3. The craftsmanship of custom clothing boxes

The design and production of a complete clothing box requires multiple steps such as die-cutting, oiling, printing, and laminating. Each step needs to be carefully considered and operated. If one of the steps is wrong, it is possible to customize the clothing box. Leading to bad conditions in the final product.

Post-printing processes such as bronzing, silver, UV, laminating, embossing, and embossing are also very important in the production of clothing packaging cartons. Its role is to decorate and protect the surface of the packaging box. For example, glazing and laminating can improve the gloss and wear resistance of the packaging box, while the unevenness can increase the three-dimensional sense of the carton. Our common clothing packaging boxes are generally paper boxes. Compared with plastic packaging, it is more environmentally friendly and has good printing performance. It can provide exquisite patterns and even play an advertising role.

GANGHUA PACKAGE provides high-end customized clothing boxes at wholesale prices, including bulk shirt boxes, tie gift boxes, underwear boxes, scarf boxes, etc. A personalized clothing package may have ribbon handles, foil stamping logos, with compartments and transparent windows. With the many shapes, styles and printing options we provide, your products can be elegantly packaged and displayed, thereby increasing public awareness!

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