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What Does the Pattern Design of Paper Box Packaging Design Rely on to Increase the Value?

Pattern design is the essence of paper box packaging design. It can improve the value of paper box packaging in the following ways:


1. Paper box packaging: photograph


Directly expressing the product or the elements directly related to the product through photography is the closest way to the original thing itself and also the most acceptable expression method for consumers (except for things that are offensive).


In fact, the effect of using real photos in advertising design is better than that of other methods. Therefore, using photographs to be paper box packaging design has always been one of the most mainstream expression methods, especially in food and beverage product packaging design.


The operating process of this technique is generally as follows: first, draw a sketch, prepare the material for shooting, and then retouch photos. Finally, put it in the paper box packaging layout for typesetting. The level of photographers and retouchers is directly related to the quality of the design, of course, we can also find some simple elements directly on the material website.


2. Paper box packaging: photography material synthesis and combination of virtual and real


In order to have a more visual impact on the paper box packaging design, or to express an idea that is difficult to achieve directly by taking pictures, designers usually synthesize existing photography materials into a new one, or add some hand-painted or vector graphics to achieve the purpose. This way of expression can make the paper box packaging design more possible and creative.


What we need to pay attention to in this form is whether there is a good combination of existing materials and whether the color matching is suitable. Not everything can be put together; hand-painted and vector elements generally act as auxiliary elements to add points to the whole paper box packaging design. For example, adding hand-painted leaves to a real fruit should have a good effect.


3. Paper box packaging: vector elements


Vector elements refer to elements with a flat style made with the help of some vector graphics tools. These elements may be realistic or abstract. The text-only paper box packaging design is also classified into this category and the expression appears to be more fashionable and modern. Generally, products that are not suitable for display prefer this form of expression, which is suitable for adding printing processes, such as bronzing and silver bronzing.


4. Paper box packaging: illustration/watercolor painting


Illustration generally requires the help of an illustrator to help complete the drawing part (of course, some designers with strong hand-painting skills can do it themselves), and then hand it over to the designer for layout. This technique is often used in paper box packaging of women's products, and it conveys a fresh and artistic feeling.


The watercolor painting actually gives people the same feeling, but it is different from the general illustration visual experience and is more artistic in comparison.


Generally, the operation process of these two techniques of expression is as follows: first, draw a sketch on paper, color it, and then scan it to the computer to process it with software (if you directly use the hand-painted board to draw on the computer, this step is omitted). Finally, it is the layout of paper box packaging. Although it takes more time, the designed paper box packaging generally has a great appearance and can better reflect the designer's intentions. Thus, I think every graphic designer should try it.


5. Paper box packaging: oil painting


The oil painting has a sense of nobility, which can make the paper box packaging look more valuable, so it is suitable for products aimed at mid-to-high-end consumer groups. It is not recommended to use for cheap products or those for low-end markets.


Operation method: You can ask some commercial oil painting studios for help, or buy materials online if the requirements are not very high.


6. Paper box packaging: line drawing/dot


It is also a very popular way of expression to draw the elements of the paper box packaging design with lines or dots. In fact, it is also a kind of hand-paint, which can be divided into realistic and freehand dots and lines. It is more fashionable and suitable for a paper box packaging for young people's products.


In this way of expression, you must pay attention to keeping the picture clean and tidy. The points and lines must have a certain sense of rhythm and regularity. Do not make people feel intensive phobia, and the details must be in place.


7. Paper box packaging: color block


This form of expression has no actual design material, but the designer uses color blocks to divide and typeset the layout of the paper box packaging through his own understanding of the product and brand. The characteristics of this form are fashion, youthful, unique and simple with strong recognition.


It is more common in the paper box packaging of cosmetics, skincare products and medicines, but not many customers can accept this form, so adopt it with caution. This form is relatively simple to operate, but it requires the designer's typography and color matching capabilities.

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